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Does it qualify? Officially speaking, you have to decide for yourself, of course. But rest assured I am going the extra mile in these episodes and explicitly mentioning and discussing the precepts in each one. Some of them are non-stop precepts discussion. In others I and the occasional guest riff on the underlying themes a bit. See some example clips below.


My first episodes have been panel discussions where we apply the precepts of the code of conduct to cases from inside and outside of the actuarial profession. Here’s a clip on whether actuaries engage in adversarial negotiation if they can’t lieHere’s another one on what I think might be two-time CAS board member Don Mango’s favorite precept.

I’ve also recorded some audio essays on what is really going on inside the precepts. Here is a clip on the corrupting power of Actuarial authority. And another one on whether there is such a thing as being unbiased?


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