Professionalism CE credits on demand

Insurance is underappreciated in all kinds of ways. My mission with this project is to dig into the ethical complexities and tradeoffs of insurance. This work is tailored to actuarial continuing education requirements and, at a $50 annual membership fee, is easily the most efficient way to satisfy the professionalism CE requirement (and more!).


My first episodes have been panel discussions where we apply the precepts of the code of conduct to cases from inside and outside of the actuarial profession. Here’s a clip on whether actuaries engage in adversarial negotiation if they can’t lieHere’s another one on what I think might be two-time CAS board member Don Mango’s favorite precept.

I’ve also recorded some audio essays on what is really going on inside the precepts. Here is a clip on the corrupting power of Actuarial authority. And another one on whether there is such a thing as being unbiased?

There are real tensions at the heart of what we do and thinking on how and why is, to me, the whole point of the professionalism CE requirement. This stuff should be thought provoking, fascinating and sometimes challenging.


You won’t agree with everything here! That’s ok because the point isn’t agreement, it’s to become better a actuary.

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