Melissa Perri on Escaping The Software Build Trap

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Why did I do this show: I had been fascinated by how great software is made and what really makes great tech companies so much better at software than anyone else. This show came about as part of me trying to figure out how to think about technology.

What did I learn: I learned way too much and had to recognize what I learned only over the years following this interview. In a certain sense I did learn about software but I wasn’t ready to learn about it. I needed to try to build real software at a real software company to genuinely understand what Melissa taught me. So the thing I learned was that we can’t always learn the easy way.

What was my favorite part: This was the beginning of me figuring out that strategy is about constraints. Melissa’s book is entirely about how to effectively constrain an organization to make great things. It’s a very deep thing that I am still working to grasp!

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