“David is one of the best, and best prepared, interviewers I have interacted with.”

Tyler Cowen (NYT bestselling author, Prof. of economics at George Mason University)

“David’s questions were incredibly adept at driving me to the heart of my own ideas, he’s a shepherd of unruly thoughts.”

Agnes Callard (Associate Prof of Philosophy, U of Chicago)

Welcome to the Not Unreasonable Podcast! You can browse through a playable list of the shows here and read through my little mini-essays on each episode here. The biggest surprise for me in starting a podcast was the sheer number of ways people listen to them. Click here for an overview.

I started this podcast because after being a rabid podcast listener for years, the show I wanted didn’t exist. I love the deep analytical conversations of an Econtalk or a Conversations with Tyler, I love the breadth of topics of a Tim Ferriss and I love the business focus of a16z. Here I am trying to integrate each of these perspectives.

Lastly, of course, is insurance. None of my favorite shows above has any insurance-related content worth mentioning and the smartest insurance media is for the most part obsessed with industry gossip or the endless cut and thrust of financial results.

That all has a short shelf life. I want Not Unreasonable episodes to be timeless. The content is guided by questions that bother me on my own intellectual journey, other ideas I think I understand but are underrated (insurance is FULL of fascinating little puzzles) and frankly it works as an excuse for me to have conversations with people I admire (and I hope to convince you folks to admire them, too!).

So join me! Sign up for the newsletter here. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. You can contact me by adding me on Linkedin and send me a message or you can email me at david at notunreasonable.com. And if you’re an actuary, head over to notunreasonable.com/not-unprofessional-project/ to learn about how I’m looking to transform continuing education for actuaries with podcasts, starting with the dreaded professionalism CE credits.

Thanks for listening,