Physics is f’ing nuts

Great article on the dark energy debate. Good primer on the ideas here.

A few things strike me about this debate. One, relativity is mega-weird. Two, it’s interesting how whenever I read articles on some of the more esoteric hard sciences, they less frequently feature academics from the big, famous American Universities (Harvard, etc) than the softer sciences. Is this because the signaling value of being known as a “smart guy” is lessened in more meritocratic fields?

Lastly, we have people betting on the outcome!

Wiltshire made a wager with Thanu Padmanabhan, a physicist at the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pune, India. Padmanabhan wagered that within 10 years dark energy would be revealed as a true cosmological constant and not as an artefact of matter distribution.

Robin Hanson and Bryan Caplan would be pleased.

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