Man, Russia Is Screwed up

On Ikea:

From the start the company announced that even in Russia it would be adhering to its clearly-formulated Swedish rules, based on the Protestant work ethic and
unanswerable logic. As a result, Khimki officials turned off the electricity just before the first Moscow shop opened…IKEA’s legendary founder Ingvar Kamprad announced that investment in Russia would be scaled down. But local officials were unlikely to be fazed by such trifles.


«Managers at the State Bank VTB have run a scam which has robbed the country and the shareholders of hundreds of millions of dollars. One person has been dismissed.»

And more.

And how about this?

What is most interesting is that people working in the public sector are also anti-state in their hearts.  If you talk to any policeman or civil servant off the record, you will find levels of resentment, disillusionment and Jacobinism that the classical anarchists could only have dreamed of. 

I wonder whether they have some kind of internet surveillance there? You’d think that with these kinds of stories getting out that eventually you’ll have an educated public that will want to put an end to all the crap.  I’ll be interested in what happens when the first generation born after the fall of the Berlin Wall comes of age. They’re getting closer.