Stop the Thoughts! I Need to WORK!

Ok, Cringely has a post that I need to get out of my head.

He says that he approves of Nokia’s move of ditching their in-house operating system by “Trading Symbian for Windows Phone 7 with a $100 bill attached”  because Symbian is “crap”.

Never used it, but it doesn’t surprise me. I expect the mobile phone universe is going follow the PC and migrate from a hardware-driven market to a software-driven one with the old guard mostly screwing it up.

I love his advice, though:

Hire a Bob Lee (or heck, hire Bob Lee), set up a small development office somewhere in the USA, and spend $5 million per year aiming at mobile life after Microsoft.

I’m going to write more about Tyler Cowen’s awesome The Great Stagnation (really want to solidify the concepts in my mind), but I can’t resist parroting a point here: software is a revolutionary industry in the midst of its revolution.

Unlike other ‘industrial’ revolutions, though, this one isn’t going to require millions of retrained workers.

Software teams work best when they’re manageable. And that means small. Big scale does not mean big staff.