Jumping the Shark?

Back in 2008 I started following a blog called “Obama in Kenya”. It was a catalog of pictures of Obama paraphernalia in Kenya. Kenyans were pretty fired up.

It was neat but fell into disuse in the February, 2009 or so but I never took its RSS feed off my reader.

This morning I got a blast of posts from the blog dating back to November, 2010 which I would call… different:

Someone starting today can certainly generate more income than a few other individual who has been around for over a year. It’s strictly between you and also the one that you invite to find out about your dollars gifting activity and sharing club. Should they just like the concept, they could accept to offer you a cash gift. Direct. Individual to individual. No pyramid anywhere.*

That’s a pretty typical post in terms of comprehensibility and content and is titled (I kid you not):

tructured by having an make an effort to copy or “clone” [sic]

Obviously this site has been taken over by some pretty shady folks who have kept the url intact and spend a lot of time thinking about,  um, legal process and cash gifting?

Here’s another title (reproduced in whole with punctuation intact):

people would walk approximately

What was that? You want some content from this gem? Sure:

Plus, through the years I’ve supported many ministries and charitable organizations financially. Not just that, there are lots of instances when people would walk approximately me and hand me cash as being a gift to bless me.

Hilarious. And no deposed King of Nigeria for me to bail out? Come on!

Maybe this is a Turing test.

*I’m not going to link to this thing for fear of tee-ing off a blast of spam.