Where’s the Romance?!

A dose of reality is always nice, but yikes:

It’s hard to capture the linked-to post in an excerpt, and even harder to gut-check yourself through sentences like this (particularly in the context of insight like this):

I don’t care who you are or how strong your ego is, you will have these moments — perhaps a continuous stream of moments — when you can’t take it anymore.

You see, I’m a mild idealist with a deep-seated desire to BUILD SOMETHING. A common sentiment among self-regarding 30-ish professionals with lots of ego and few prospects at the next margin of success.

The thought that taking the plunge into the entrepreneurial deep end is terrifying, risky and impoverishing isn’t pleasant. Most of the time these thoughts are easily swatted away by some ego-insulating doublethink (either: oh, but that wouldn’t happen to ME; or, yeah, but I can handle that shee-it – bring it on!).

But let’s not kid ourselves. What sacrifices is one really willing to make?

Probably fewer than we’d think.