Spectators Want Speed?

I remember the first time I ever watched myself on video playing football. I was horrified at how slow the game moved. It was like everyone was trapped in glue.

Of course, I’m used to watching the NFL on TV. Bit of a difference.

I’m watching a lot of college basketball right now and I think that the games at the highest levels of the NCAA play just as fast as NBA games. Honestly, I think they can sometimes play even faster. But the best NCAA teams would get crushed by any NBA team because they’re so much smaller.

The NFL and NHL are a more balanced upgrade of both. A sport like soccer or tennis would be entirely about the players doing what lower level players do, but at 1.x the pace.

I’d say the speed of a given level of sport relative to the highest level is a pretty good predictor of how much I’m going to enjoy watching it. It’s certainly why I don’t enjoy womens’ sports much.

What about baseball? I don’t really care. This ain’t science, kids, it’s sportswriting.

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