Adventures in Translation

Went to an awesome Japanese restaurant for dinner the other night. I’ve never been to Japan, but it’s what I imagine an authentic Japanese restaurant to be. Beware, I’ve been impressed before!

It was full of Japanese people speaking Japanese, at least.

The menu had three titles for each meal; the first was written in Japanese script; the second was a translation of the Japanese, which I presume was Romaji; the third was a plain-written description of the food in English. Here is an interesting exmaple:

[Japanese script]

Harapenro sashimi

Sashimi thinly cut with jalapeno peppers

What was amusing to me about this was that the Romaji script faithfully translated the common Japanese mispronounciation of certain English consonants.

Romaji is a way of pronouncing Japanese and English (or, at it happens, Spanish) words with a Japanese accent.


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