My Biases

I’ll be sure to add to this as time goes on.

– things attributed to individuals are usually culturally driven (heroes don’t exist)

– things attributed to culture are usually geographically driven (geography is culture). Though Tyler Cowen shakes my confidence.

– I’m (rationally?) persuaded by anything Tyler Cowen says.

– top down solutions do not work (humans are bad at complexity)

– people lie about what they care about (politics is BS, generally, but prediction markets aren’t!)

– innovation is execution and luck (patents are mostly bullshit, too)

– demographics matter more than one might think (humans are crap at understanding long-term processes)

– I didn’t start caring about learning until I left school (schools are terrible places to learn things).

– I’ve spent years at my job and am barely good enough to tie my own shoes (I am a spexpert in most everything and you probably are, too)

– programming holds the keys to the next revolution (Alan Kay was onto something)

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