I was well into my nth beer last night before my friend pointed out that we were being served by Paula “Walnuts” Meronek. I’m embarrassed to admit I was too weak-willed to suppress the tiny chill that accompanies a brush with celebrity.

What a bizarre phenomenon. Why is it so high status to be on TV? Everything else about this poor girl’s life is pitiable and from my interaction with her (supported by interviews) she seems to be fairly normal, have an engaging personality and carries moderate-to-severe personal baggage.

Is that impressive?

Of course not. Society is littered with the emotional wreckage and social problems of people who make bad decisions. Bad childhood? Bullied at school? Just plain stupid? God, who knows.

The point is that in every other context, Paula is well on the way to being a worn-out-waitress-with-a-boob-job. There’s something about the simple fact that she’s been on TV that gives her image a boost.

I just don’t understand it.

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