Short Soccer Players

Enjoyed watching the champions league final this afternoon. Yay Barca.

One unoriginal observation I made was that the Barca players were shorter than the Man U players. A bit of googling shows that this question has had a healthy examination before.

So I figured I’d calculate, in a back-of-the-envelope way, what the average heights were of the teams:

Man U Mean: 1.79

Man U Median: 1.76

Barcelona Mean: 1.75

Barcelona Median: 1.73

I haven’t adjusted these figures for round-number bias as per the Freakonomics link and I’ve used the wikipedia ‘starting lineup’, which has a different number of players for each team.  And I’ve excluded Keepers. Not really soccer players, anyway.

That said, I’m not surprised at the result and it jives with the observation of the Spanish team being short, too.

Funny, though, isn’t it.

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