Notes from the I-95

We’re driving back to NYC from Florida. 1000 miles. Nothing like a good road trip.

We’re trying to make use of the Diners, Drive-ins and Dives iphone app, which doesn’t have any NYC entries. Love the show and love pigging out a bit when we’re on the road.

Sparing a thought for the economics of this, I wonder whether the fast food establishment cares about triple D. The food’s better and the iphone makes finding them easy.

Then again, these eateries are already running flat out and probably suffer from negative economies of scale. Even the collective spare POTENTIAL capacity for these places is only a drop in the ocean of MacDonald’s top line. All we do is make the lines longer at peoples’ favorite local haunts.

And so the big chains probably don’t care. Unless you can scale at a higher quality level than them, you’re a gnat.

Speaking of scale, it wasn’t until this evening here in North Carolina that I got my first taste of the size of this migration.

Obviously the fact that I couldn’t get a flight that landed anywhere within 4 hours of NY until Wednesday was a clue. The roads should be just as jammed.

I worked at a hotel for a couple years in college and Sunday nights are notoriously slow. Big surprise for the service industry all up the Eastern Seaboard tonight!

My hotel is packed and Ruby Tuesday across the street (salad bar!) had a line out the door at 830pm.

Irene’s timing couldn’t have been better if she wanted to demonstrate capitalism’s ability to absorb shocks.

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