Skills Transition

Michael Mandel again:

Over the past year, jobs in electronic shopping establishments are up 11% (the zigs and zags come from holiday employment).  Jobs in “internet publishing, broadcasting and web search portal” establishments are up 20%. Employment in computer systems design, programming and related is up 5%, but that’s off a much larger base (please excuse the funky formatting…my power is still out).

This probably understates the demand for these kinds of jobs, as I would bet that wages are rising faster than average for these kinds of skilled workers.

I wonder, too, at people that are ‘overemployed’ in jobs in which they learn as they go. It isn’t just computer programmers that program computers after all.

I wonder if it would make sense to take a series of jobs whose title and function have largely stayed the same, but in which the application of technology has completely transformed the skills required.

How about school teachers? They’ve been integrating computers into the classroom for years now. Since when did a teacher need to understand that kind of technology?

Since the day that everyone did.

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