Amazon On Fire

Kindle fire, eh. Pretty neat.

A few observations:

  1. As many others have noted in many ways: 10 years ago how many leaps of faith would it take to name the three biggest innovators in tablets/smartphones: Apple, Amazon and Google? Shit like that don’t happen in Soviet Russia.
  2. It’s also interesting that each of these players have their fingers in lots of different pots. Any one-trick ponies left in mainstream consumer electronics? They call this convergence, I hear.
  3. Stripping the luxury features and going cheap isn’t exactly a hard strategy to figure out. Executing it is tough, though, and Amazon’s new browser appears to be the cog that makes it work: speed without speed, storage without storage.
  4. But it’s not like that’s a new idea, either. Web developers make very careful decisions about what content gets rendered and processed locally and remotely and this balance changes with advances in technology. There have always been workarounds for slower connections.
  5. Still, Amazon crushes it with its ready-to-go access to all those resources in its cloud. Apple will get there, too, eventually. See #2.
  6. And it’s cheap. Cheap is good. Never underestimate cheap.

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