When a Business Model Dies

Spare a thought for poor Kodak, a company surely in the throes of death. Here is the key paragraph:

Intellectual property licensing and lawsuits have largely funded Kodak’s cash needs but stalled earlier this year, prompting Kodak to decide to sell 1,100 of its digital patents.

Sell your brain and what are you supposed to think with?

What do they do at Kodak? Is it just a bunch of lawyers trolling around for people to sue? This is a company that is at least two paradigms in the dust.

“First there were Film Cameras and all was good. Then there were digital cameras and we got scared but at least that made sense. But phone cameras? How are we supposed to compete with THAT?!”

No normal family is going to spend anything like the kind of money people used to spend on cameras of any kind.

Kodak, Yahoo!, HP, the list goes on.

It’s sad when familiar brands to die, sure. But die they must.

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