The Allure is Near… The Pain Is Far

Imagine everyone you knew was telling you they wanted you to be the most powerful person in the world. And everyone you knew was certain you’d be successful in your bid. Even the weakest ego, so supercharged, would eventually overpower better judgment and the strongest of iron wills.

Enter Chris Christie, who for months has, probably wisely, said that running for president is not for him. It’s probably the most insanely stressful thing a person could ever undertake; probably worse if you win. And if you have any skeletons in that closet…

And yet: Chris Christie Performing “Due Diligence” On 2012 Run

Well, that phrase wins the prize for ridiculous euphemism of the week. Translation: “I’m raising money”. He’s so in. There’s no way the yes-men and money-men and other boosters don’t get their way now.

I shed a tear for my friends in New Jersey. By all accounts he’s a good governor and he’s lost to them now. This campaign will either destroy him or forever thrust him onto the national stage, win or lose.

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