“Wall Street” Protesters

I walked by them this morning on the way to work. Hadn’t been by in a week or so. Some observations:

  • It actually smells like manure and compost in there.
  • I wonder what the point of it all is. They’re just kinda sitting there. “We’re going to live like homeless people until… um… until…”
  • What is “Wall Street”? Is that a euphemism for empowered insiders? For rich people? As I walk by in my suit I imagine they think of me as being a “Wall-Streeter” yet I find the idea ridiculous.
  • From a purely personal standpoint, the motivation can only be that they have nothing better to do and are looking for a sense of belonging. People are desperate for meaning and will do ridiculous things searching for it. Read this book.
  • People will say “get these idiots jobs” but that’s misleading. What these people really need are the mortgages, cable bills and car payments that come with having jobs. We need these people’s fear of losing their jobs to insulate us from this kind of stupidity. So yeah, they need jobs, but that’s only a means to an end.

One of my more silly pet theories is that I don’t believe in politics, only economics. Discourse is only good for signaling affiliation and escalating conflict. The only social force that matters is whether people feel they’re better off than they used to be and that means richer than they used to be.

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