Stanford DB-class notes

Well, I’m still in the course despite my grumblings. I’m determined to not screw this up.

I have a history with classes like this. In my second year of University, I took a finance course and COMPLETELY effed it up. Like, completely.

It was a tactical error, actually. I focused on the concepts and didn’t drill the equations. I’m still pissed off about that, 10 years later (holy *#$@, TEN years?!).

Anyway, this is clearly a course that looks to teach wrote-learning and I want to redeem myself. So I’m drilling* Relational Algebra this morning and XML data structures this weekend. Making the 7-hour drive back up to the in-laws, so maybe I can find a way for my wife to quiz me.


*As an aside, I forgot how much I prefer to write on the right-hand page of a spiral-bound notebook, rather than the left. It just always feels cleaner. I am right-handed, of course.

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