Trends in Computing

Here is Celent on what the trends are that affect technology in insurance companies:

  • Data as platform
  • Analytics
  • Cloud computing
  • The move from server-centric architecture to service-centric architecture
  • IT security
  • Data privacy
  • Social platforms
  • User experience

Pretty boring list. And, I think, a list that doesn’t cut to the chase. Here’s my list (in order from least to most ‘social’ in nature):

  • Speed (Moore’s Law)
  • Memory: that’s disk capacity (and speed), and working memory capacity
  • Bandwidth
  • Development of user-friendly interpreted languages
  • Standards integration

To me, everything else comes from one of these trends.

Want to know what’s going to happen tomorrow in technology? Take one or more of those trends and imagine what happens when you double its current state of the art.

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