Some Links

Been light on posting as I dash myself against the rocks of Machine Learning programming. Here are some neat things I’ve read in the last 20 minutes:

1. What is Dark Matter?. No answers, but an illustration of the infurating paradox: there’s almost unquestionably a THERE there, but nobody has any idea what’s there. The most important problem today in basic science?

2. Steve Jobs’ best interview ever? Stay tuned.

3. The Post-Industrial Economy. Ridiculous phrase for a concept I really care about. Bottom line: people will have ever greater power to make their own stuff. 3D printing, programming skills, ridiculously cheap education on just about anything. Try to wade through the consultant-jargon and think about these concepts.

My blind spot for human progress is materials science and 3d printing. I know nothing about these two massively important topics so they’re not on this list. If I could stitch together even one coherent sentence on the matter, I’d be all over it.

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