New York Tech Meetup Review

File this one under: things I ‘should’ do since I live in New York.

The evening is comprised of stuffing 700 people into an auditorium to watch a bunch of live tech (software and hardware) demos.

In the most Burroughs-esque way this is junk for innovation junkies.

You feel the pain of demos gone wrong, you cheer awesome implementation of awesome ideas. You can feel a jolt of charisma from some of the young entrepreneurs and you can smell the money backing the most polished products.

The audience is packed with all sorts of folks: computer nerds, unemployed equity analysts, employed equity analysts, friends of presenters, VCs and random enthusiasts like myself.

I sat next to an unemployed equity analyst with a CS background looking for startup ideas for himself. Interesting fellow and good for the odd sensible comment on the presentations.

I’m skipping the after-party tonight, but maybe I’ll make the time when I come back next month.

And come back I will.

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