@#$@ing Monopolies

From my hometown:

Those owners want to add 500 acres of space under glass, which would allow them to operate 24 hours a day, 12 months a year. That would translate into 2,300 short-term and 1,050 permanent jobs, not to mention allow the town to expand its market for locally grown fruits and vegetables.

It seemed like a done deal when system upgrades in Essex County were set to begin in May 2010. But when Leamington Mayor John Paterson met with hydro officials he learned the ugly truth. “They said, with the way the economy was going in Windsor, their bosses said there wasn’t enough economic activity down here to worry about it,” he said. “My jaw dropped.

This infuriates me. A potentially positive NPV infrastructure project going unfunded because the bureaucrats in charge of the process possess local POWER but no local KNOWLEDGE.

THIS is a fantastic example of why governments fail. This makes me want to camp outside this despicably ignorant bureaucrat’s office and shout Arnold Kling blog posts from the top of my lungs.

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