To The Dedicated: Success

Jason Freedman:

So, the 42Floors crew talked this over and we all agreed that we wanted to go to the mats.  We’re moving out of our respective apartments.  We’re all switching to a Maker’s Schedule.  We rented a house in Redwood City for 5 months for all of us to live in and work out of.

We can’t fucking wait.  While it’ll be hard work and the intensity will get to us at times, we also know what makes going to the mats so special.  It’s really an opportunity to perform at our absolute highest levels.  When’s the last time you’ve done your best work?  How many times in your life have you worked at peak capacity?  How many hours a day are you really productive?  This will be the most productive time in our lives.  It’s pretty cool.

How many mortals can endure such a schedule? But anything less and you’ve got a lifestyle business, not an ambition business.

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