Review: New York Tech Meetup

I went to another NYTM last night and, again, really enjoyed it. Every time I go, I meet a few really interesting people (batting 1.000 so far) and have some stimulating conversations about the presentations.

This month we were treated to another bland lineup of social media webapps, which don’t really excite my interest. Social media webapps seem to have two goals: letting you keep in touch with people you already know (facebook) or suggesting new people for you to meet (no paradigm here, yet, but linkedin is in the ballpark). I saw several variations on both, none of which were particularly gripping. I have a pretty low tolerance for this kind of thing, though.

The enterprise software was a bit more interesting. Big data is a persistent theme. If you can get your hands on a big, novel dataset, you have found yourself at the cutting edge of technology. Better get some crunchers on that, pronto, before someone nicks your lunch. I’m available.

There were two hardware offerings, which I always find the most exciting. One was a 3d printing service, which is one of the most extraordinary recent technological developments.

The other is an almost moving story, to an econo-geek. From the ashes of the Rochester photography industry rises Kogeto, a maker of 1. a 360 degree video camera add-on for the iphone; 2. hardware (woops!) software for editing such video and, 3. a video player that lets you click and drag such video in your browser (or wherever). Impressive.

Once again the presentations are polished, often funny, and almost always flawless. Bravo to all.

Can’t wait for next month!

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