N = 1 Studies are BS

The Finnish education system is great and a lot of people are making a lot of money pretending to know how this country of white people* can get away with it.

There’s something called culture working here and you aren’t going to change the subcultures that destroy education in some American areas. There is a (very low) limit of how much you can learn/copy from another culture.

Here is a list of DW-approved initiatives on this subject:

1. Pay Finnish administrators to come here and set up a private school system in a city of their choice. Compare results. And set up a betting market so I can make a ton of money on the failure of this initiative.

2. Compare the performance all of the countries that share whatever features you’re saying matter.

(What? There’s only one? What does that tell you?)

*sorry to play the race card. I know it’s crass but let’s face it, when it comes to phenomena too complex to understand, we tend to get stupid. Why all the attention to Finland over Singapore?

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