I Wouldn’t Eat There

A restauranteur is miffed:

Yelp reviews of my restaurant, Fior d’ Italia, are a perfect example of the flaws in the Yelp system. The Fior has been around for 125 years and has been successful because of great food and service. But if you look at the Fior Yelp site today, the restaurant has 218 posted reviews averaging 2 1/2 stars, with many terrible one-star reviews.

What you don’t see (unless you look hard for them) are the 115 “filtered reviews,” which average out to a ranking of more than four stars. That is a current problem for the Fior, and in the long term, a problem for Yelp.

Not even a whisper of the incredibly obvious point of Yelp’s policy? They’re accusing you of padding your reviews, bud, and feigning ignorance of this very obvious point makes you look super guilty.

First Italian restaurant in the US, eh? They must be taking tips from the soccer team. (BAM!)

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