Ugh… More on Facebook

I’m bored of talking about Facebook but I can’t stop myself.

Two essays (here and here) present the apotheosis of Facebook hating (as a business model). Here’s a quote that about sums it all up. I think.

Facebook is not only on course to go bust, but will take the rest of the ad-supported Web with it.

I say ‘I think’ because the authors present all kinds of complicated analysis extrapolating their hating on facebook to hating on display advertising in general. “It’s a bubble!” and whatnot.

I don’t know, I’m sure they’re very smart, but I can’t figure any of it out.

So let’s just leave it to the marketplace. There are two groups of businesses: those that advertise on Facebook and those that don’t. If Facebook’s products are awesome, it’s going to make its clients rich by making their businesses ridiculously successful. And those businesses will push out the non-Facebook businesses. And Facebook will rule the world.

If not, then the Facebook’s clients will fail from wasting time and money on Facebook ads and Facebook will have no clients. And Facebook will die.

So let’s just wait and see!

One thought on “Ugh… More on Facebook

  1. most of the products on facebook, keep in line with the site. In that they are cheap, superficial full of assumptions and largely a waste of money. They should somehow acquire Pinterest…then world domination is sure to follow

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