Picasso On Conversations

“When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.” – Picasso

That outstanding quote is via Chris Dixon.

I talk a lot of silliness on this blog but that’s because in the world of execution there are only a small few themes that matter:

  • work hard
  • associate with hard workers
  • work hard
  • don’t get discouraged
  • work hard

A business blog devoted to the equivalent of tips on cheap turpentine would simply repeat those themes in post after post. A lot of founder/bloggers more or less do this and I really enjoy being battered by those messages. I feel like it helps me improve at what I am most proud of: executing in business.

But it would be boring to write. People have an appetite for talking meta nonsense and imagining narrative where there may be none. I indulge it shamelessly.

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