How To Scare My Wife

Tell her I really liked this blog post.

I want to start this new year with an admonition, for all those who are still working at a day job, and thinking that at some point they may want to run their own business, but who haven’t decided to do so yet.

Register a business, today.

It’s got all the hallmarks of encouraging (from my wife’s perspective) my most infuriating personality traits.

  • Open-ended project? check.
  • Might consume extraordinary amounts of time? check.
  • Doesn’t even exist except as a partially-implemented idea? check.
  • Probably won’t happen so all that time she’d spend stressing about me doing something stupid would be for nothing? check.

Why pull a single thread out of your shirt and let it hang there? Just because you want to remind yourself to get a new shirt some day? Just because you like doing stuff? What does that even mean? Stop being so stupid!

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