Big Data To Cure Cancer? Matter of Time

I almost can’t believe this is happening. Incredibly exciting. Get used to these kinds of projects.

In 2007, Ian Clements was given a year to live. He was diagnosed with terminal metastatic bladder cancer. Ian began charting, quantifying, and recording as much of his life as possible in an effort to learn which lifestyle behaviors have the greatest impact on his cancer.

Ian has fought his disease successfully for five years, and now he asks the Kaggle community to look at his data to see what significant correlations and connections we can find. We at Kaggle are humbled by his efforts and want to help Ian share his data with the wider world by hosting it on our website.

This is an exercise in collaborative data exploration rather than a standard Kaggle competition. The ideal result would be a model suggesting which lifestyle behaviors may have the greatest effect on Ian’s health, but any insights into his dataset are welcome. While we understand it may not be possible to extrapolate insights from this dataset to the overall population, it will nevertheless be very helpful for Ian in generating hypotheses and suggesting different behaviors. We hope that you will find it interesting to take a look and see what you can find.

Dear youths of the world: GET INTO THIS FIELD.

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