Sales Is For Everyone

Consider this joke:

“Martinis are like women’s breasts, one is not enough and three are too many.”

Let’s assume you found this joke funny. Now I’ll give you a task: you must tell this joke to three people: your best friend, your grandmother and a 6-year-old child.

I bet you your reaction to this task is surprise. Maybe your grandmother would think the joke hilarious or maybe incredibly rude. Maybe your friend is a woman who has had a mastectomy and would be really uncomfortable, etc, etc.

In most circumstances you’d choose who to deliver this joke to. But if you HAD to deliver it to all, you’d probably deliver it differently to each (“I know this joke isn’t funny, but just bear with me, this blog told me to do it”). If you understand those two points, you understand sales.

The key skill of a salesperson is identifying exactly how to deliver a message to an audience. And even the best salesperson in the world may not tell that joke to your grandmother as well as you could. That’s because he/she wouldn’t know her as well as you.

The greatest asset a salesperson has is *knowing the market*. Not the gift of the gab, not high intellect and not anything else. If you understand the people you are delivering your message to you can sell.

And understanding people is the most fundamental quality of human intelligence.

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