The Keys To Being Awesome

Step 2, which everyone goes on and on about (particularly when talking about Steve Jobs) is to never settle for anything less than awesome. If it isn’t great, personally insult the person that suggested it and send it back.

Step 1, though, is that you need to KNOW WHAT AWESOME IS:

Please, please, please spend time hanging out in the latest and greatest apps, regardless of their personal relevance or interest to you. If you do, your expectations of a “good experience” will be raised. Archaic team communication tools are often a good indication of what the decision makers believe qualifies as “good.” (Hint: it’s often a very low bar relative to what’s possible!)

Desire and drive are certainly precursors to success. But there’s a reason why awesome farms pop up only rarely. Awesomeness isn’t easy and unfortunately few people are exposed to greatness in a manner than teaches them to be great.

To the extent possible, expose yourself to awesome stuff. Otherwise, how do you know what awesome is?

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