And Now For Something Weird

I’ve been following this blog for years called “Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things“.

I find it funny, ok. It might make more sense if you got to the site and see them all in succession.

Anyway, today’s picture (“Looking at Drill Bits“) features a young Kim Jong-Un! Remember these guys are all barely pushing 5’2”.

If you’re thinking, “Wait, isn’t this guy dead?”, you’re right. Here’s what the blog has to say about it:

in memoriam

at last the dear leader has quit this mortal coil. i have decided, nonetheless, to keep the blog running for as long as my photo archive will last. i don’t know when that will be, but i figure that if you’re reading this, you never minded the lack of good taste in this form of humor, which i’m very proud of, and the fact that he’s dead will make little difference.

i have also decided to make no change on the captions. they will remain in the present participle, as always. much like his father still is, and forever will be, the ‘eternal president’ of north korea, so will kim jong-il forever look at things on this site. well, not forever, it’s not like i have infinite photos of the guy, but you know what i mean…

you may tune-in as regularly as before, or if you prefer, join the myriad of successors that have appeared. or do both, if you don’t suffer from some form of attention deficit disorder, which i hope you don’t.

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