What Retail Is All About

Many city-types with fancy jobs like to imagine ditching the rat race and settling back to some small town. Maybe open a B&B. Maybe just run a small restaurant or something. Do it RIGHT, know what I mean? Like they do in the city but without the madness.

Well, guess what your number one fear will be:

Little by little the truth dribbled out, I’ll likely never know all the details but it seemed that some people figured that since the cash isn’t counted on a daily basis, why not take that cash and visit the casino. Surely if you gamble a bit then you can make some money, pay back the difference and nobody will be the wiser. And then, if it doesn’t work the next time you go gambling, you just take a bit more. And so on. In a span of 3 months a business that was the 3rd largest employer on the island was destroyed by those that were supposed to be minding it.

Theft. Not quality, not cleanliness, not the little touches that make a space beautiful. All takes a back seat if someone’s dipping into the till.

I’ve never run a small business but I’ve worked in a bunch as a student and bosses are often jerks. Maybe you would be too if you’re genuinely worried about getting cleaned out.

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