The Most Compelling Book Review I’ve Read in Years

Am I really going to buy another crisis book? Probably.

Second, to a remarkable degree, she sees everyone else in the process as filled with fault and herself as never at fault.  She has zero qualms about ceaselessly flinging mud out the rear view mirror, and does so for even the tiniest and pettiest of squabbles, including ones the readers never knew or cared about.  Geithner by the way is villain number one but no one else on the scene matches her virtue and common sense and scarcely a page flies by when we are allowed to forget this.

She is beloved of sentences such as “Maybe the boys didn’t want Sheila Bair playing in their sandbox.”  Who am I to say she is wrong?  Reading this book now I know why!

This is arguably the most _______ book I  have read, ever, and I am still looking for the right word to fill in that blank.  It is in any case stunning.

…This tract is a performance of terror, in good and bad ways.  Few books will teach you more about the politics of bureaucracy and regulation, though not exactly as the author intends.


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