Philosophy of a MOOC

Excellent piece on MRU (endorsed by the profs, no less)

The pedagogical principles in MRU’s course look to be grounded in the learning theory ofconnectivism developed by Downes and Siemens. Connectivistm is based on the concept that knowledge is not acquired but constructed and adjusted by the learner through connections that occur when the learner interacts with nodes in a network. Nodes can be a video, online discussions, Webinars, or conversations on Twitter, Facebook or through blogs. MRU emphasizes connected and dynamic learning, and their motto embodies it –learn, teach and share which also mirrors principles of the connectivist model.

And this:

In other words, the professors of MRU are taking themselves out of the equation. They infer that the course content is the catalyst for further exploration

There’s always this tension between learning in a group and “feeling stupid” in a group. This is one reason why I like online courses. You get the interaction in a semi-anonymous environment. Your ego is safe.

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