Would You Live Here?

Better question: under what circumstances would you live in this apartment? More here.

Li Rong, a 37-year-old woman, sits on a bed as she poses for photos in her 35-square-foot (3.2 square meter) subdivided flat inside an industrial building in Hong Kong, on November 1, 2012. In a cramped space on the fifth floor of an old industrial building in Hong Kong, Li lives in some of the priciest real estate per square foot in the world – a 35 sq ft room with a bunk bed and small TV. (Reuters/Tyrone Siu)

There are periods in my life when I would have. Particularly when I was single, living alone and in a big city. You either have a home you want to spend time in or you don’t. If you’re happy to live your life ‘out’, you might as well spend as little money as possible on your place to sleep and store valuables. Living ‘out’ is expensive.

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