2012 In Jury Verdicts

Some detail on the top three jury verdicts in 2012 (#1 is 716m, a big increase from last year):

The year’s massive top verdict [$716,500,000] was awarded against a convenience store for selling alcohol to a teenager who plowed into another vehicle, killing its occupant. The #2 verdict went to three workers burned in an explosion at a grain silo who were awarded more than $179 million against ConAgra Foods for failing to clean up stored wheat that became combustible.

More here.

By the way, this sort of thing is why insurance costs go up each year. By the link’s measure, the top verdicts are 10% higher than last year, which were 10% higher than the year before.

But even so, that 716m one is a bit ridiculous (from a convenience store?!). Here is a bit more detail:

How much the Garcia family actually will receive from the millions the jury awarded is uncertain, Gilbert said. But it’s important that the jury sent a message, he said.

“The amount of justice that this family got out of this verdict you can’t put a number on it,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert, I have little doubt, does not mean to “send a message” to the consumers of America to spend more on chocolate bars and bottled water because convenience stores raise prices to cover the increased cost of insurance.

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