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Arnold Kling:

I have a vision of the year 2025 in which the difference between the rich and everyone else is that the rich can afford to send their children to private schools, pay full fare for the children’s college education, and pay for their own parents’ long-term care. Everyone else will depend on public schools, community colleges and scholarships, and government-provided nursing homes. Otherwise, the lifestyles of the rich and the non-rich will look pretty similar.

Add in nicer cars and houses and he’s probably right. The point being that much of our leisure is spent online, which everyone gets equally.

Dan Rockwell

Leaders define what matters. Organizations grow weak and lethargic until someone creates focus and direction by explaining what’s meaningfully important. Leaders describe what’s relevant.

It’s very easy to criticize senior people in organizations (or for them to self-criticize) for “doing nothing”, just “going to meetings” or for management types to reminisce about when they used to “do work”.

These comments overlook what makes people very productive. Not ability, not training, not work ethic. Focus.

This is why the most productive people rise up: they have the ability to focus on what is important and deploy their own resources effectively. That skill is so valuable that being able to use it on others is more effective than using it on yourself.

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