TV Reflects Culture

Here David Brooks is right:

I figure that unless you are in the business of politics, covering it or columnizing about it, politics should take up maybe a tenth corner of a good citizen’s mind. The rest should be philosophy, friendship, romance, family, culture and fun.

But he obviously doesn’t watch enough TV:

I wish our talk-show culture reflected that balance, and that the emotional register around politics were more in keeping with its low but steady nature.

The vast majority of TV has nothing to do with politics. Many lament this, of course, because they worry about disengagement with the political process. “If we don’t watch ’em, who will?”.

Wars aside, regular people who don’t care about politics only tune in when they get screwed over by something. You could argue (I’d sure like to) that it’s in politicians’ best interests to do as little as possible lest they rouse the ire of the silent multitude.

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