Two Things That Annoy Me About English

First, there is no canonical term for the second person plural. Much odd the US, outside the Northeast, uses ‘Y’all’. This does the trick, but is low status. Even lower is an alternative, ‘Yous guys’, which still makes me shudder, and is annoyingly gender specific for a term that needs to be able to include females and males in the group.

Is it too weird for a Canadian to consciously drop the odd y’all in conversation? Do I need to feign an ironic self awareness even though I don’t mean it as a joke?

Second is the lack of a gender neural third person term. What if I don’t know or want to reveal if I’m talking about a ‘he’ our a ‘she’? We use ‘they’ but it is too imprecise when I might want to specify a single subject of the comment.

I don’t have a solution for that one.

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