What I’m Reading (!)

Once upon a time I had a ton of books out on bookshelves. These hit the basement when my older kid started eating them off the shelves.

They recently came back out again and my god I found my reading list from 2011. I iced the whole reading for pleasure thing when I started writing the actuarial exams. Closing in on the end of that chapter (ha) of my life, so why not read again!

Here’s the list:

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clark. I’m a few hundred pages in and it is earning its praise. It’s more or less my ultimate guilty pleasure book, combining 19th century and fantasy fiction.
  2. Working, by Studs Terkel. Not started.
  3. The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair. Not started.
  4. Faust, by Goethe. Not started.
  5. The Rise of Modern India, by Edward Luce. About halfway through. 50/50 chance I don’t even pick it up again and skip to…
  6. Lolita, by Nabokov. I’ve read this one a few times. One of my favorites.
  7. Time Storm, by Gordon R. Dickson. This is the book I’ve reread the most and will pull it out again. I don’t know, I just really like this book. Sci-Fi.


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