The Not Unreasonable Podcast Episode 3- Don Mango

The first Not-pilot episode of the Not Unreasonable Podcast is up! thinking-chimp_card

Don Mango is one of the most important thinkers in insurance. He has published numerous papers and helped, in my mind, the rest of us figure out what on earth to do with all the computational advances of the last 20 years.

In this episode we talk about that as well as how publishing research changed his life; what is relative strength is among published authors; the peculiarity of the intellectual community of actuaries; how capital should be modeled (you can all eat the pie!); the future of technology in insurance and more!

I’m happy to say Don’s also an excellent guy and very gracious interviewee.

In the conversation we discuss a few papers I enjoyed:
Mango’s first publication

Click to access 97spf031.pdf

Capital as a shared asset (eat the whole pie!):

Click to access 577.pdf

On his paper on random number generation: “This is really valuable and I couldn’t imagine an actuary in a more traditional role would have had access to”

risk load and default rate of surplus, which got him attention from the more traditional capital markets:

His pragmatic papers:
how the normal copula is flawed.

Click to access 02wf057.pdf

How to present DFA results to the board of directors (including stories of his errors!)”

Click to access 00sf055.pdf

The Kreps reserve range presentation (I think… two choices here):

Writing on actuaries as engineers (and the future!):

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