Robert Hoekman on The Tao of User Experience

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Why did I do this show? When I joined the software world I was trying to figure out what made excellent software companies so much more excellent than… well everyone else because everyone makes software in their organization. The best answer I’ve come to is that amazing software companies have an exquisite understanding for what to build and why. That product skill, I think, is most heavily concentrated in the domain of product designers. Robert Hoekman is a designer extraordinaire and has so very much to teach us about building amazing things!

What was my favorite part? As I mentioned in my favorite clip from this podcast, he is relentless and unforgiving in the book. Behind it of course is an excellent guy!

What did I learn? There are deep and simple truths about great design that we can all say and even all believe. But unless we go through pain from not really, really knowing these truths we’ll never understand them.

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