Michael Tanzer on COVID predictions for Insurance

Episode Link:https://www.buzzsprout.com/126848/3092683

Youtube channel link: https://youtu.be/g51rXGioM7Q

Why did I do this show?

Michael is one of those finance people that I’ve envied ever since business school. Effortlessly seeing to the heart of all kinds of opportunities and ideas in investing. I have no idea how these people do this, they’re an awfully intimidating bunch. I still do not really know how to connect insurance prognostication to reasonable opinions about the path of the financial markets more generally so this is an attempt to analyze them all together. An experiment!

What did I learn? There are a whole series of interlinked price signals on insurance companies that I have zero visibility into. Spreads on certain preferred offerings against equity, say for Arch Capital? How interesting!

What was my favorite part? You’ll see that this is mostly an interview of me by Michael, actually. I can’t say it’s my favorite part to be interviewed but it’s always good to ‘cross the table’ and have a very smart person ask very good questions! Challenging stuff!

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