Your Favourite Not Unreasonable Podcast Guests Reading Actuarial Precepts!

With just about every podcast guest I record a short sound check by having them read a precept of the code of conduct. I choose the precept deliberately to try to spark a conversation and sometimes it actually works! All for your benefit, actuaries. Enjoy!

Clips of Not Unreasonable Podcast Guests Reading Actuarial Precepts

Not Unprofessional Panel with Tom Le and Erik Hornick

Recorded at the Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar recorded in September 2018. We spent a bit more time tailoring the content towards Actuarial Topics or at last taking an actuarial angle on the topics presented. Send me an email at david at with feedback!

Here is Eric on Linkedin

Here is Tom on Linkedin

CAGNY Not Unprofessional Panel

I did another Not Unprofessional Panel at The Casualty Actuaries of Greater New York (CAGNY) with Don Mango and Todd Bault, who were fantastic.

Here is Todd’s Bio:

Todd Bault is a Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society with experience in reinsurance, financial modeling, equity research, and InsurTech. His most recent assignment was consulting for a distributed ledger company exploring opportunities in insurance and reinsurance. Since 1999, Todd has primarily worked as an equity analyst covering insurance, reinsurance, broking, and InsurTech.

And Don’s:

Donald Mango, FCAS, MAAA, is an experienced insurance executive and actuary with a thirty-plus years track record of success in Reinsurance, Enterprise Risk Management, Innovation and Insurtech.  Don serves as a Board Advisor for several Insurtech companies and accelerators.  Don is also an Adjunct Lecturer in Actuarial Science at the Columbia University School of Professional Studies.  Previously, Don served two terms on the Casualty Actuarial Society Board and four years as CAS Vice President of Research and Development.  Don is a Graduate of Rice University and lives in Gladstone, New Jersey.

Download The Not Unprofessional Panel CAGNY May 2015

Straight Up Precepts

When I first got my designation, I was told that if, at the end of the year, we hadn’t quite made it through all of the required 3 ‘hours’ of CE content that we could sit and quietly read the precepts of the code of conduct to satisfy our requirement. Boring, yes!

Well, if you want to get through a bunch of precepts then why not have just a recording of them instead of putting your eyes through all that strain! Your poor eyes.

This is me reading the precepts of the code of conduct.