Silicon… Alley?

My wife’s looking for a job and got the tip off of a job fair going down in midtown today. She didn’t want to go alone, so I took the afternoon off and tagged along.

Little did I know that I’d run into a gigantic tech startup community. There were probably 50-75 companies all boothed-up with some pretty snappy professionally branded t-shirts, displays, food, etc. Impressive.

It was nirvana for software developers of all stripes. Now THAT is a skill in demand. For people in marketing, like my wife, it was less thrilling, but still solid and well worth the trip.

They call the tech startup community here Silicon Alley and if it is a representative example of what all tech startups are, then it is clear that the most exciting part of our economy is in finding ways of producing and processing information using networking technology.

Witness the beginning of the beginning.


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