A Weekend Odyssey

So I’m gearing up for a trip to Buffalo to meet the old man for father’s day. How am I getting there?

I’m spending 9 hours on a bus. Each way.

My wife and coworkers think I’ve lost my mind. But I have a few projects on the go that could, in ideal circumstances, easily wipe out 18 hours of my life. Actually, the chance to bash away at them for this kind of stretch has me excited.

There’s allegedly wifi on this bus (accused on the interwebs of being inconsistent and slow) and, more importantly, plugs, so I’m bringing my laptop to code.

I’m expecting the web not to work, so I’m using this post to warm up the wordpress email interface (on my bb right now) so as to keep the post-a-day streak alive.

I have fond memories of long train journeys in my college days, so hopefully the assuredly less comfortable bus is at least tolerable.

No, my dad isn’t getting any other gifts.

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